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Consultancy Services

Fostering Support

When an independent, evaluative approach is required, you can rely on our consultancy services, tailored to your needs. 

Sometimes you need a service that answers your requirements more precisely. We work with our commissioning clients across local authorities and agencies to deliver bespoke advice and interventions.


From monthly consultation 'drop-in' sessions for foster carers and agency support staff or facilitating team meetings to share insights, to targeted, in-person consultations with foster carers at home, we can design and develop services that support you and the families you look after in the way you need them most.

Consultancy services include:

  • Targeted support when a foster family is at risk of breaking down

  • Ongoing attachment-led insight and support for foster carers and agency
    staff to access as needed

  • Development of bespoke training or therapeutic groups for foster carers
    or professional staff

  • Intervention to support a foster carer deemed to be in blocked care

  • Input during the assessment process

  • Support for foster carers and/or children following the breakdown of
    a placement 


To learn more about our consultancy services, please download our Guide to Fostering Services.

Other services for Fostering Support 


ASF-compliant individual and group therapeutic interventions


Therapeutic training for parents, special guardians and professionals

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