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Testimonials: what people say 

Thank you for all your support, insight and wisdom. I know it will be helpful to me as a mum and us as a family. 

Adoptive Parent

I really needed this group 3 years ago - it would have been great to have realised all this early on. They need to ensure adopters have access to this at the early stages of adoption. 

Adoptive Parent


I often feel that I let Molly down and I feel bad about this, but I now feel I can get through this better with what I have learnt. Adoptive Parent

This training should be recommended to all NVR training participants as it explains the reasons why our children have issues with anger and violence. Adoptive Parent

I really enjoyed meeting others, learning their stories and sharing my child’s issues. Adoptive Parent

Wish I had the option of this Nurturing Attachment Group at an early stage of the adoption journey. Adoptive Parent

I feel I’m learning all the time and enjoy every week. 
Special Guardian

This course has really helped me to realise just what my child is going through and to approach it with a different attitude.

Over the weeks, every module has helped at home and I need to keep going with the knowledge I have learnt. Special Guardian 

I wished this course was available much sooner. I believe it's invaluable for all adoptive parents to understand how/why modern parenting behaviour methods does not always work. Special Guardian

I learnt that I have some issues with my own upbringing that are impacting on my abilities to be a therapeutic parent. 

Adoptive Parent


This group is amazing. It's been really helpful and has led to positive changes in my parenting and the development of my children. It is such an important course and should be made available to all adopters early in the child’s placement (e.g. after 9 months plus). Adoptive Parent

Grateful for this group: a weekly check in space, hearing others stories, reflecting on my own parenting, and learning new techniques. Adoptive Parent

Just a big thank you for giving me the tools required to gain insight into a child’s world and helping me, my boys and my home to be much calmer and happier.  Special Guardian


I've learnt that even adults can make mistakes, but how we repair with our children/ensuring relationship is key to moving on. Special Guardian

The course has shown me another way of parenting and has helped me understand my children more. I now accept most behaviours as I have learnt I cannot change them and stressing and shouting doesn’t help either of us. It has really helped me enjoy life with the children more. Special Guardian

PACE was really helpful as I didn’t know much about this. I enjoyed all the videos, I also enjoyed learning about the house model (base and what we need to build strong attachments). Overall this course has been amazing, I have learnt so much Debbie and Anne were great and informative. I'm glad I could attend this course, thank you! Special Guardian

Case studies: meet some of our families



 Adoptive Parent 

Sean's adopted son was often really challenging to parent but Sean didn't think he really needed help. Then he met Families Empowered and realised this kind of support was exactly what he needed. Sean discovered how to move beyond traditional parenting models and respond to his child's early life trauma to build a happier family all round. 



 Special Guardian 

Lucy took on two of her great-grandsons when their parents' struggles with drug addiction exposed their serious neglect. As the boys grew older, their behaviour became increasingly difficult and Lucy's relationship with them and their school was very troubled indeed. Find out how she shifted approach and turned a corner.



 Special Guardian 

Susan is the Special Guardian for her granddaughter as well as her niece's daughter - both sets of parents struggle with drug addiction.


It's been a rocky road but learning about attachment difficulties and exploring her own parenting style therapeutically have transformed their family life.  

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