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Nurturing Attachment Groups

We can help families with a powerful programme of therapeutic support and education. We work with adoption support teams at every step to create positive outcomes for children and improve placement stability.

'Life-changing' support for families

Nurturing Attachment Groups (NAGs) are revelatory programmes developed by Kim Golding and designed to support, guide and develop insight for parents and carers of children who experience attachment difficulties following early-life trauma and loss. 

We also underpin our groups with Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and PACE, developed by Clinical Psychologist Daniel Hughes, whose therapeutic approach responds specifically to meet the needs of children living with trauma.

We breathe real-life into theory through practical discussion, videos and meaningful activities all facilitated by experienced professionals and DDP practitioners. 

Flexible, professional therapeutic support

ASF-compliant, NAGs can accommodate parents, carers or guardians from up to 12 families in each group. We can provide NAGs in person or online and have been successfully delivering NAGs for local authorities since 2019, including Essex, Hertfordshire and Adopt East. We can also help you with ASF paperwork.

Our National Online NAGs enable local authorities from across the UK to spot-purchase spaces for families as and when required.

NAGs can also be oriented to support SGOs and foster carers.

Over the course of 3 modules, we:
  • help parents and carers understand the impact of trauma on a child’s development and security

  • explore the principles of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) and the House Model of Parenting

  • encourage parenting skills that adapt to a child’s emotional and behavioural needs

  • examine how to manage behaviour within the context of building trust and relationship security.


NAGs can benefit families by:
  • addressing the isolation many parents and carers feel

  • providing a non-judgemental and supportive space for them to increase their skills and improve their confidence. 

  • encouraging ongoing reflection and self-analysis through personal diaries

  • allowing partners and other family members to get involved through weekend overview sessions for each module aimed at widening understanding and support

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 Adoptive Parent 

Sean didn't really see the need for a Nurturing Attachment Group, until he came to the first session! Struggling with the challenging behaviour of his adopted son, Sean began to understand how traditional behavioural parenting approaches fell far short of what they all needed.   



 Special Guardian 

Susan is the Special Guardian for her granddaughter as well as her niece's daughter - both sets of parents struggle with drug addiction.

It's been a rocky road but learning about attachment difficulties and exploring her own parenting style therapeutically have transformed their family life.  

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