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Parenting assessments

Families Empowered provide expert attachment-focused parenting assessments to consider how well carers, parents or prospective adopters and Special Guardians will be able to meet the physical, social, educational and emotional needs of the children both now and throughout their childhoods.

Assessments examine the extent to which there is an understanding of the child’s specific needs, including any abuse and trauma they may have experienced alongside whether they will be provided with safety, stability and appropriate boundaries whilst in their care.

Viability Assessment

Viability Assessment is a top level report that examines the issues outlined above. It is responsive and concise, designed to flag up any areas of concern quickly and will provide recommendations for follow up work, including a Full Parenting Assessment, if required. 


We aim to complete a viability assessment within 3 weeks of receiving the request. 

Full Parenting Assessment 

This is an in depth and comprehensive parenting assessment which takes place over a 12-week period in which we seek to build a therapeutic relationship with the individual/s using the model of Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (PACE).


Our aim is to build a trusting, non-judgemental and open relationship with the individual being assessed, which has a dyadic quality and both informs as well as assesses: we share our knowledge of attachment and trauma whilst we assess the individual’s current insight and understanding. These assessments are dynamic in nature and can be transformative for the individual.


We provide clear analysis in the final report alongside recommendations with suggestions for future support and services.


Assessment models

Our assessment models follow the national framework for assessments whilst retaining the Families Empowered principles of warmth, empathy and empowerment.

Assessment model diagram.png
Why choose us?
  • Our assessors are experts in the field of attachment and trauma and receive ongoing investment in their training and development alongside support through a robust supervision structure.

  • We understand the pressure on your budget and our work is competitively priced.

  • We work in partnership and consultation with the referring professional.

  • We offer a comprehensive and clear analysis with recommendations; our assessments are evidence based and clearly referenced.

  • We are person-centred/child-focused and will respect and care for your families.

  • We promise honesty and transparency even if the evidence shows the individual will be unable to care for the child.


Find out more

- Email Deborah Sharratt to find out more or call 07917440683 

- Download a referral form



 Adoptive Parent 

Sean didn't really see the need for a Nurturing Attachment Group, until he came to the first session! Struggling with the challenging behaviour of his adopted son, Sean began to understand how traditional behavioural parenting approaches fell far short of what they all needed.   



 Special Guardian 

Susan is the Special Guardian for her granddaughter as well as her niece's daughter - both sets of parents struggle with drug addiction.

It's been a rocky road but learning about attachment difficulties and exploring her own parenting style therapeutically have transformed their family life.  

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